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Kylie and James' Guide to Greece: Athens

Kylie and James' Guide to Greece: Athens

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Maroussi is not the sexiest neighborhood in Athens, but if you want a professional, adult setting with food cooked by talented young chefs, take the 20 minute cab drive here. The music is fun and the tables are spaced apart so you can have a conversation. The food is inventive, soulful, and approachable. The highlights are the delicious desserts. The owner is charming, the music fun, and getting out of the cacaphony of Athens proper can be a welcome relief. Their menu changes weekly. 

Str. Lekka 19, Marousi 151 22 | T: +30.21.0806.6700 |


Souvlazidiko's specialize in the cooking grilled meats like souvlaki, gyro, kalamaki or kontosouvli. While the rest of Greece snickers behind Athens' back as to their preferred style of sandwiches (the North swears by mustard, the South adds a hot sauce to their tzaziki), this style is most familiar to the American palate and these two restaurants are worth the trip. 

Kalamaki Kolonaki

Some call Kolonaki the Soho of Athens. Bon vivants, locals and serious eaters flock to this bucolic restaurant for "kalamaki" or "meat on a stick." The menu is much more varied and broad than a traditional souvlatzidiko. It is inexpensive -- for under 12 euro a person, you cannot eat better.

Ploutarchou 32, Kolonaki, Athens 10675 | T: +30. 21.0721.8800


Skip the tourist traps on Monastiraki. Kostas' souvlatzidiko is packed with informed tourists, Greek construction workers and, by my count, two bishops. A stick of pork or beef served with either sketo or in a pita sandwich. Order it "with everything" to make sure you do not miss the homemade spice blends.

5 Pentelis, Syntagma, Athens 10560 | T: +30.21.0322.8502

Wine Bars

By the Glass

Closer to the Acropolis is By the Glass, which offers a wide range of classic Greek and European producers at an excellent price point. One of the few Greek restaurants where you can walk in and grab a great grower champagne for a comparative steal. By the Glass is near the Parthenon and open late. It also offers live music in their courtyard. 

Souri 2, Athens 10557 |

Oinoscent: Wine Bar + Shop

Wine bars are the newest trend in Athens and Oinoscent is a quirky one. Walk into their cellar, poke around and pick any bottle you'd like (the reasonable price comes later). They specialize in lesser known, Greek producers with a natural wine bent and have a deep selection of Greek and

non-Greek vintages.

Voulis, Athens 10558 | T: +30.21.0322.9374 |

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